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Ella and her Vineyard

 Jim & Ella in Ella's Vineyard   Jim & Ella Gathering Eggs   Ridding on the Kabota

The last 5 days have been shinning with joy at Ceago!

We have been blessed with beautiful weather and Jim’s daughter, Andraya, and Ella (his granddaughter) have been visiting and are having a blast on the farm.  Ella is now 2 years old and one of her favorite activities is spending time with her Grandfather. They are two peas in a pod. If you have been by Ceago during these past days…you have seen them strolling through her vineyard, seeing the grapes grow, harvesting veggies out of the garden, checking out the chicken & sheep and taking many rides on the Kabota. 

Overall…having lots of fun! We always love when both Andraya & Ella visit! 

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