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Jim Fetzer Retiring...

It has been a great honor for our family to have been involved in the grape growing and wine industry for the past fifty- five years.  It has been my life long passion to create, promote and share a life style supported by sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming. The fruition of Ceago’s success has now given me the gift of retirement and the opportunity to change my focus.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that my son, Barney, will continue managing the vineyards, since our focus now will be on grape growing. After careful consideration we have decided to close the retail side of the business. Our grapes will continue to be used throughout the wine industry, producing the same high quality wines our friends and customers have experienced with the Ceago brand.

I want to thank the efforts of my children, Katrina, Barney and Andraya, Carleen, our hospitality director and our dedicated Ceago staff for their commitment to my vision for Ceago. Ceago would also like to thank our distributors, retail outlets, purveyors, restaurants, our loyal wine club members, our long-time and new customers, the LakeCounty wine industry, the local business community, and the local government agencies for their support through the years.

All remaining wines and products will be available through Wednesday, August 28th, 2014. We welcome you to stop by and enjoy the great wines and the magic of Ceago. The wines are going fast, so make sure you call or stop by to pick up your favorite wines!

-Jim Fetzer

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Warm Weather, the Lake and Wine Tasting by Boat!

Barney Fetzer Helping with the Pier Pier-Boat Dock Jim Fetzer

Can we say a fun time! Who needs more than a beautiful lake, great wine and enjoying both together?

We put in our floating pier-dock last week for all of you who enjoy boating on Clear Lake.  If you have not had a chance to wine taste by boat…I highly recommend it! It is a one of a kind experience.  Just remember it is first come first serve with only 6-8 boat spots available.

Also…remember the June wine of the month is our 2012 Muscat Canelli! Only 200 cases were produced & it is great for summer! Think a nice refreshing Muscat wine spritzer in the summer heat…or enjoy a glass with brunch or just one on the porch.

Ceago Muscat Wine Spritzer:

¾ Glass of Ceago Muscat Canelli, Del Lago

¼ Glass (Splash) of Pellegrino

A Few Ice Cubes

Seasonal Fruit for Garnish (Optional)

 We hope to see you at Ceago soon! Enjoy the beautiful weather! 

Written by ~ Katrina

Ella and her Vineyard

 Jim & Ella in Ella's Vineyard   Jim & Ella Gathering Eggs   Ridding on the Kabota

The last 5 days have been shinning with joy at Ceago!

We have been blessed with beautiful weather and Jim’s daughter, Andraya, and Ella (his granddaughter) have been visiting and are having a blast on the farm.  Ella is now 2 years old and one of her favorite activities is spending time with her Grandfather. They are two peas in a pod. If you have been by Ceago during these past days…you have seen them strolling through her vineyard, seeing the grapes grow, harvesting veggies out of the garden, checking out the chicken & sheep and taking many rides on the Kabota. 

Overall…having lots of fun! We always love when both Andraya & Ella visit! 

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First Day of Frost!

Chardonnay Vineyards Being Protected for Frost

It is already April 16th and this morning was our first day of frost! Jim was working hard all yesterday to make sure that the sprinklers were working and ready for the night if the alarm went off. And yes at 2am...he was up and out of bed making sure the water was on to protect our vine shoots and this coming years harvest! 

We have been very fortunate this year to have had such a mild spring! 

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News at Ceago!

We are very excited to launch our new Ceago Website!

It looks very similar to our past…but one great new feature is we will be able to keep you up to date on all the fun happenings at Ceago with our new Blog!

We will be sharing fun happenings on the ranch, interesting articles, recipes, fun photos and much, much more! We think of each of you as a part of our Ceago Family and want you to enjoy what is happening as much as we do!

For example….

Sheep Newlamb

We just had our 2nd batch of baby lambs this year! We are proud to welcome 7 new members to our Ceago crew! That makes a total of 17 this year!  For those of you that are asking why we are so excited….let me share. 

Our Sheep are some of the most important workers on our farm.  They not only make us smile every time we drive by, they are some of the hardest workers we know. They help keep all our veg in the vineyard under control during the winter and help keep the pastures mowed the rest of the year.  Their hay goes into our compost pile with all the nutrients they leave, which helps build our soils. And they have become great companions for our chickens.  It is also important mentioning, they nourish us with the beautiful meat they provide. All around we are thankful to have them at Ceago and we welcome our new additions!  

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